Wild Women Don't Get The Blues - CD

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Sarah Jane Nelson’s relationship with the blues is rooted in her upbringing in Monroe, Louisiana.  “In junior high school I came across a boxed set of Robert Johnson music at the local record store.  Eric Clapton, one of my favorites, endorsed the set saying Johnson was ‘the most important blues musician who has ever lived.’ Those recordings were like nothing I had ever heard, and I was drawn to the simple production that let the remarkably honest storytelling shine through. Suddenly I realized where all the popular rock and country music I loved had originated.” 

Years later, working in New York City as a professional actress, Nelson was cast in “It Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues,” at the Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia. With a sold-out run, that show, which chronicled the history of blues music, was Nelson’s first taste of singing the blues professionally. 

A year later, Nelson performed in an Off-Broadway production of “El Paso Blue,” a play with a blues score written by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman. When Sarah Jane and Hawkeye came together to rehearse the music, it was “love at first jam,” and they have been playing together ever since. “I adore Hawkeye as a person, an artist, and a collaborator.  He sees something special in me, and that has been a great source of inspiration on my journey into blues.  This music is where I’m from and where I live.  I love the sound, the songs, the storytelling, and the unwavering strength that is at the core of all blues music.”

 “Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues” was inspired by Sunday afternoon blues jams at the home of Hawkeye Herman. All tracks were recorded LIVE at Freeman Sound in Ashland, Oregon with no-frills production to capture the ambiance of a back porch jam and let the storytelling shine through. It also features harmonica by Big Irv Lubliner and Tom Freeman on percussion.

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